Harry Halim has established himself as a fashion designer with a distinctive voice in a global stage, thanks to his signature sculptural shapes, bold cutting, and his twisted take on romanticism. Those elements formulate the perfect essence that empower every individual who wear HARRYHALIM, reconnecting them to their inner bold, dangerous, and daring personality.

HARRYHALIM debuted its adventure by showing its 2012 Spring Summer collection in Paris Fashion Week, allowing the Creative Director to make history as the first ever Indonesian designer to be accepted to show a collection in the Paris Fashion Week calendar. Every since, his collection has captivated the eyes of the fashion industry and industry enthusiasts worldwide.

The strong characters that every HARRYHALIM piece embodies couldn’t be more fitting as the ultimate celebrity dressing. That is why a handful of Hollywood celebrities, ranging from singers, rappers, reality TV stars, and actresses have chosen HARRYHALIM for various high-profile events and TV appearances.